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Great Van Lines started off several years ago with a commitment of creating the best local moving services that we could. We wanted to improve my customer service experiences and build a local moving company that people could grow to depend on. We recognize that our local community simply didn't have great moving staff that they could draw off of for last-minute moves and we wanted to fill that need. Starting with just one small truck and a few skilled professionals, our company would eventually expand and we would train a whole new generation of great movers.

With Great Van Lines we would only continue to expand our business operations to eventually include a series of worldwide partners. We now work with long distance packaging manufacturers, long distance storage providers, shipping companies and a series of moving professionals from around the world who can deliver on the requirements that we set out. We have worked tirelessly to train our staff and to obtain the correct security licenses and bonding to guarantee our customers can rest easy even with a large-scale corporate move. By making sure that we are ready logistically with all of the support and assurance that our customers need, we can create quality working relationships with new customers as well as build trust for the future.

Our company is committed to delivering some of the best value in the moving industry as well. We want to deliver some of the best prices on moving services within your locale when compared to other companies with experience.

By marrying together quality customer service, extensive resources and affordable moving services Great Van Lines continues to achieve great results in our industry. Contact our company today if you would like to learn more about our staff, our business or the tools we have available to help you.

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