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Great Van Lines offers a wide range of services as logistics specialists. Through the various sections of our website you can find more detailed information about the service offerings that we have. As a moving company, we start off with a few simple services like local moving and continued to expand the offerings that we have available to our customers over time. Today Great Van Lines now offers a wide range of services which include:

Packing Services: Our company keeps close ties to some of the world’s largest packing equipment companies. We want to make sure that we can protect the valuables of our customers with some of the finest packaging materials that the world has ever seen. We can deliver unprecedented value on the cost of packing materials and handle the process of professionally packing and organizing all of your items before a move.

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Corporate Relocation: Great Van Lines has worked with major corporations and small businesses over many years. We have become the trusted moving partners of many businesses and our company is capable of delivering results with your corporate moving needs. Our experts will use their knowledge and our extensive selection of vehicles and tools to provide corporate moving excellence.

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Storage Services: We work with major storage rental partners across the world to provide storage rental solutions to both residential and commercial customers. If you need to rent a storage locker anywhere we can make the process easier than ever. Our storage rental partnerships have allowed us to create the most affordable rates on storage rentals. We can help you move in and out of them as well!

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Long Distance Moving: As a logistics company we can also deliver support with long distance moves. The long distance support professionals that we have can make the process of moving easier and provide regular updates to customers through the entire process of a move.

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Contact our staff today to learn more about our services and be sure to check out other aspects of our website to learn more about what we have to offer.

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